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Join requirements

Join requirements2017-10-29

Terms of trade:

1. The supplier provides the most favorable price in the market while guaranteeing the quality of the products provided.

2. The supplier shall provide the corresponding copyright certificate as required by our company when delivering the goods.

3. The supplier's delivery days, inventory days and production or import days must be recorded in the contract of both parties.The supplier shall comply with the delivery time stipulated in the contract.

4. The negotiated purchase price shall be fixed, and the new price shall be effective only after both parties agree through negotiation.

5. The supplier's invoice must specify the purchase price (tax excluded), VAT and purchase price (tax included) in detail.

Commodity details:

1. The supplier shall specify in the quotation and commodity statement whether the goods supplied can be returned or exchanged, the minimum order quantity, whether freight is included, and whether the quotation includes tax.

2. The supplier must explain the attached services in the product description, such as whether it has labels, maintenance, special packaging, etc.

Inspection standard and measurement method of delivery quality:

1. All kinds of C grade materials such as plastics, hardware, packaging materials and printed matter, the acceptance standard is below 1%.

2. Common grade B materials such as electronic material, wire material and display screen, the receiving standard is below three parts per thousand.

Liability for breach of contract: if the defect rate exceeds our standard but is used urgently, the rework time fee will be deducted after selection and use, and the defective products will be returned for replenishment.

Other requirements:

1. Invoice method: please provide the signed and sealed Invoice before payment.

2. Payment terms: all payments shall be made upon acceptance of the goods and upon receipt of the invoice.

3. Special note: if the specification is inconsistent, the buyer can return the goods without any conditions, and the delayed delivery shall be notified by phone or document in advance.