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Overseas e-commerce promotion salesman2018-3-21

Job responsibilities:
1、 Be familiar with the overseas thinking, understanding of Internet marketing has a certain;
2、 Explore and integrate all kinds of Internet marketing resources, adjust measures to local conditions for mining, forms a partnership;
3、 Negotiate and maintain partnerships with each large network of contacts abroad, planning the corresponding activities to promote product and brand awareness and reputation;
4、 Responsible for making overseas products, such as BBS community post, reply, DingTie maintenance work;
5、 Communicate with business department, to follow the latest developments in products, according to the product characteristics using the channels do network promotion and publicity activities;
6、 Responsible for the implementation of product promotion plan, the effect of testing and evaluation.
1、English, international trade, marketing and other related professional bachelor degree or above;
2、 Experience in overseas product promotion, network marketing and other related work is preferred;
3、 Has the strong ability of communication, understanding and learning ability, can quickly learn product functions;
4、Love the Internet, the social marketing programs have a high passion, and excellent capability of independent thinking and strong execution;
5、Grasp the inbound marketing methods and skills, understand the trend of network marketing and movements