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Alibaba international station operation salesman2018-3-21

Job responsibilities:
1、 Market intelligence collection, analysis and competition situation, alibaba sales plan, and timely tracking adjustment to achieve sales target;
2、 According to the sales plan formulation, publish product information, design web page templates, responsible for product upload and later maintenance work;
3、 Product line operation plan formulation, analysis product prospects, product development and product development plan;
4、 According to the various sales platform policy, formulate feasible product promotion plan;
5、 Store sales, and service policy, keep the shop rate and good credit, ensure the security of the account.
6、The team leader management, training personnel in the group, improve its sales and product development capabilities.
1、 Bachelor degree or above, 2 years experience in alibaba platform sales management team.
2、The university English four levels above, able to skillfully use Google and browse the English website;
3、 Familiar with amazon's policy on all sales, skilled application of third-party tools, amazon for account maintenance and management experience is preferred;
4、 Have strong learning ability, good professional quality, honest and trustworthy, able to work under pressure;